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Let's democratize AI for all.

Clevr has an option for everyone to use AI, whether you are technical or just getting started. 

Users in 5 continents

North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia

Get started in 3 minutes

No-code or developer API

A free option

No strings attached

A way to use AI for everyone

Clevr is an online platform for democratizing access to AI for everyone. Whether you have experience building AI or you're just getting started, Clevr is the right place for everyone. 

Simple to use, no-code options

Affordable and easy to understand pricing

Cutting edge AI technology





Build without code, for free

Clevr Platform

A unified, no-code platform.

Individuals with no experience in AI can build great apps in 5 minutes or less with our simple-to-use, no code platform. Best part? You can build completely for free.


For all developers

Build with a one of a kind Developer API

Clevr Developer API

Clevr's developer API is equipped with a breakthrough AI model called Athena. Athena is able to learn any image or text classification problem in real-time with only 3 to 5 data samples. This allows developers to build, experiment and demo with Machine Learning like never before. Everyone who signs up for our beta gets 250 free API calls for their first 3 months.

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1    import clevr
2    import os
5         api_key="sk-1234-vbn1-442a",
7         input_val={"image": "dog.jpg"}
8      }

Sample Response

"status": "success",
"predictions": [
             "label": "dog",

Our commubity

Sentiment Analysis

An app for understanding sentiment in text!

Built by Jared

Text Generator

Use this app to generate sentences with AI!

Built by Lindsay

Build with a prebuilt model

Clevr community

Interact with the community

When using Clevr, you can choose from prebuilt AI models that have been built by our community.

Coming November 15th, 2021

Join creators from around the world

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