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The AI Platform For Creators.

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Clevr's Mission

Artificial Intelligence in the hands of many, not a few.

As AI becomes ubiquitous in our society, everyone will need an easy way to build and use AI. We want to ensure the powers of AI are accessible to everyone, regardless of who you are.

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AI literacy is becoming a necessity

But there is no simple platform for the average person or developer.

With Clevr, you can build AI Knowledge Apps with no coding or prior experience in minutes.

A Unified Platform With Breakthrough Technology

Clevr is equipped with our breakthrough AI technology called "Active Memory Learning" (AML). AML will enable creators to develop AI Knowledge Apps with as few as 3 data samples and no model training.

Active Memory Learning makes the entire AI process inexpensive for everyone involved, which is why Clevr will always have a free option. 

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